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Lianne Marson - May

"We all need a village to grow a baby"


Welcome to my small creative part of the world, I’m Lianne. I trained as a Doula in 2020.  I'm based in Glastonbury, Somerset and support my surround areas: Wells, Bridgewater, Yeovil, Frome, Taunton, Weston-Super-Mare, Shepton Mallet, Warminster, Gillingham and all the little towns/villages in-between (I can also cover up to the edge of Bristol and bath). I’ve trained with Conscious Birthing; a wonderful and unique established Doula company, accredited by Doula UK to provide training. I’m on a path of supporting women, my roots are slowly growing as I experience more and delve into the large source of information on pregnancy, emotional support and empowering women in their birth.


I am a conscious birthing Doula – a very creative soul who grew up connected to Mother Nature. I was taught at a young age that trusting ourselves as women is the most potent support one can receive. I aspire to hold you as your reconnect to your inner knowledge & trust in your body's ability to birth.


I believe that having a Doula present for your birth invokes the feminine archetype of the crone, the mother of the tribe, the protection and wisdom of an elderly women. As a maiden I strive to channel this energy into my time with you, I embrace a deep respect towards the ‘wisdom women’ & their knowledge. I believe being a Maiden gives me the opportunity to bring a fresh energy to the Doula experience whilst guiding the deep wisdom of past generations into our conscious journeys.


I strive for my relationship with each family to be very unique and open, providing as much personalized information as I can. I am inclusive of all identifications and will respect personal views. I take time to continuously support you one-on-one by understanding your story and believing in your birth preferences. I aim to advocate for you when needed and be there to signpost you to relevant information if you seek it. We all have beautiful bodies that do absolutely incredible things and I aim to give you the support to feel empowered in your own birth.


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What is a Doula?

A doula provides nurturing and continuous support during your pregnancy, birth & postpartum. They encourage the mother and family with emotional, physical and practical support. Unlike a Midwife or the medical team, they aren’t medically trained – but offer a soothing voice of experience, and can translate medical terms and procedures. Doula’s also offer natural, herbalist pain management options such as massage and rebozo shifting.  And also provide advice on labor techniques and positions to relieve discomfort and to relax. A Doula can really change a birthing experience, she empowers the mother to make informed decisions for her birth, and then supports her with all said decisions in the birthing room. Most importantly she provides a shoulder, a comfort for the mother to lean into, to feel safe and in the hands of someone who will look after her.

Free Consultation

I offer a complimentary interview to meet, get a feel for one another, connect and understand your needs and desires. 

Antenatal visits

Leading up to the birth I will offer Antenatal visits, where we discuss your birth plan and make thoughtful decisions. 

On call From Week 38

From week 38 I will be on call 24/7 for your peace of mind. You can call me whenever & I will join you once labour begind.

Active Labor

Being present during the birth, I'll stay by you and your partners side providing physical and emotional support. 

Post-natal Visits

Post-Natal Visits – To help you in early motherhood & give you an extra pair of hands for support.

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