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Lianne Marson - May

Doula Care
Moon Goddess Package

Doula Package 

Initial free consultation where we will discuss what support you are looking for & get to know each other.

3 Antenatal sessions

Together we will cover everything you need to enable you to feel confident & excited about your birth intentions. We will talk all things birth, and slowly create your Birth and Postnatal plan. 

Birth Journey

Birth Attendance 

On call from 38 weeks. During your birth journey I will advocate your birth wishes, provide emotional, physical, spiritual and practical support. I will be present for the birth
of your placenta.

Antenatal Care

Postnatal Care

4 Postnatal Visits 

In-person visits within the first two weeks to support you in early motherhood & recovery. These visit are usually in the morning.

- Feeding support
- Baby support
Close our journey

6 weeks after your birth we complete our journey together with a closing ceremony. During this session we create space for you to receive Closing the Bones & Womb Massage to realign the Womb.

Birth Debrief

Pay What you can £1200 - £1800

I strive for my offers to be accessible to all, please consider what you can invest. I have made this offering available at a sliding scale in trust that folks who can afford the full price will reflect this in their investment, with the understanding they help others in financial need also access support.

Sliding fees, Payment plans & Energy exchanges can be discussed.

What we cover in antenatal visits

We will explore all your options for your birth & create a positive birth plan which is right for you. 

Stages of labor: what to expect & signs of active labor.
Hormones: how they affect the body & how we can provide a space to release helpful ones.

Comfort measures: (massage, touch, water, Rebozo, music, lights, etc).
Hospital plan: always good to have one in case we need to transfer, this covers drugs, standard protocols & Cesarean.
Placenta: how to birth it & what you would like to do with it. 

Postpartum plan: in hospital & at home.

Feeding options: breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combination feeding.


Xochi & Family
Postpartum Doula

"Lianne helped us as a post partum doula with our twins and was such a beautiful, grounded and capable presence in our home. She has a magical energy and worked to seamlessly create a nourishing and supportive space no matter what was unfolding, from nutritious food and snacks for me to take to bed, to soothing and feeding the babies and helping sort out the chaos in the laundry and beyond. She has an intuitive way of serving the needs of those around her and a quiet confidence that is so welcome in the post natal days and nights. We miss her and are so grateful for the time she spent with us at such a tender threshold.Thank you Lianne, we love you!"


Other Offerings

Mother Blessing

Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing is a ceremony/circle with the intention of honouring the mother by creating space to witness & send blessings for her journey through pregnancy, birth & postnatal. During a Mother Blessing we send out the frequency to protect, hold & empower her for a beautiful birth, & to allow her to open to receive the gift of time & presence from her loved ones. When we gather in these sacred spaces the sense of being within a sisterhood is opened, we feel the deep trust & connection to all the women around us & the earth below us. Through this ceremony we are reminding the mother of the abundant support around her, whilst also recognising she is still here as an individual & deserves to be honoured just as much as baby does

What can you expect:
- A gathering of your closest loved ones (either indoors or outside).
- Guided mediation to connect you down into the earth & yourself.
- Ceremonial activities such as Anointing, Red Thread, Belly Painting, Affirmation Cards.
- Sharing circle & yummy food.

Closing the Bones Ritual

Closing the bones

Closing the Bones is a gentle and nourishing ritual to signify the end of the journey of pregnancy & birth. The Rebozo practice and massage will help realign and balance the body, the mind, the spirit and, most importantly, the womb. It will help you return to your centre, both physically and energetically.

My intention is to create a sacred space for you, where we can honour and acknowledge your experience of birth; showing tenderness and gratitude to your body. This ritual leaves you with a sense of coming home to yourself and closing your energy channels. A lot of emotions can rise during this practice & I honour you by creating space to let go of any emotional ties that no longer serve you.

What can you expect:
- Head & womb massage.
- Closing of the energetic body using rocking, shifting & binding with the Rebozo.
- Ceremonial activities such as smudging, blessing & guided messaging.

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